Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Carolyn was classically trained in voice and violin. She is a graduate of Milligan College with a double major in Human Relations and Elementary Education, and a minor in Music.

During her college years, Carolyn took her first steps forward as a professional musician. She became part of a group called “The Strings of Pearl,” playing as strolling strings in a dinner club. Carolyn played violin in backing orchestras for such names as Ray Price, Isaac Hayes, Engelbert Humperdinck and Wayne Newton. During this time Carolyn was offered orchestra work in Las Vegas where she would perform with Wayne Newton, The 5th Dimension, and other well-known artists. She turned down the offer and continued her college studies. During a break from school, Carolyn became part of a group called “The Co-Eds,” and performed in several places around Orlando, Florida.

As exciting as all these experiences were, Carolyn knew it wasn’t what God had planned for her life. Raised in the Christian faith from childhood, Carolyn had given her heart and life to Jesus Christ as a young girl. She knew that God had a destiny for her and that her gifts and talents were to be used for His purpose and glory. Carolyn knew her life was to be devoted and dedicated to God in Christian service and ministry.

Shortly after graduating from college, Carolyn was invited to join the staff of the Waikiki Beach Chaplaincy. Moving to Hawaii, Carolyn entered full time ministry under the training of Chaplaincy Founder/Director Bob Turnbull. She has continued to go forward in the Lord’s service from that time.

In 1980 Carolyn married Amadeo Vargas and moved to California. Their daughter Mariesha was born in 1981. In the years that followed, Carolyn dedicated herself to ministry and to her family. Due to Amadeo’s military career, the family spent many years overseas, living in Spain, Germany and England. While abroad, Amadeo and Carolyn pastored fellowships and led Bible studies and care groups. New opportunities of ministry were opened to Carolyn as she led and taught women’s groups, ministered to children, led worship, taught music lessons and continued to seek the Lord for inspired music that touched the heart and refreshed the soul.

Upon Amadeo’s retirement from military service, the family moved to Hawaii, where they now reside.

Carolyn Vargas is a recording artist who refuses to put God in a box. She continues to allow her Heavenly Father to take her into musical depths seldom reached by much of the Christian music industry.

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